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Looking to retire overseas?

If you are thinking of retiring abroad, then a visit to A Place in the Sun Live is a must! Whichever show you decide to attend, You’ll find a wealth of information that will make your retirement move a success. 

Expert Guidance: These events bring together a wide range of exhibitors, including estate agents, lawyers, tax specialists, wealth advisors, and more. This means you’ll have direct access to experts who can provide invaluable advice on every aspect of purchasing property abroad, including residency and retirement visas, which is particularly crucial for retirement planning.

Comprehensive Information: The event offers a wealth of information about various international property markets. You’ll learn about different countries, their property markets, legal requirements, tax implications, and other important considerations, which can help you make informed decisions.

Personalised Consultations: You’ll have the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with experts. This means you can ask specific questions about your unique situation, such as financial planning, legal requirements, and any concerns you might have about retiring abroad.

Inspiration and Ideas: Seeing a diverse range of properties from different countries can be inspiring. It might introduce you to locations and options you hadn’t considered before. This firsthand exposure can help you refine your preferences and priorities.

Seminars and Talks: Our events feature a schedule of informative seminars which cover various topics related to buying property and retiring abroad, providing you with a deeper understanding of the process.

Peace of Mind: Meeting experts face-to-face and gathering firsthand information can provide a sense of confidence and peace of mind. It can help alleviate any concerns or uncertainties you may have about retiring overseas.

Visiting an A Place in the Sun Live event offers a unique opportunity to gather a wealth of information, connect with experts, and gain insights that are tailored to your specific retirement plans. It’s a valuable step towards making your dream of retiring abroad a reality.

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